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sample mp3s
1) Something Wonderful
2) Outta The Red
3) Anywhere But Home
4) Move It Along
5) Heaven
6) My Moon
7) Nasty Shoe
8) Something Goin' On
9) Never Give Up
10) While You Speak
11) Even Deeper
12) Gonna Be Alright


album artwork (pdf)

for those of you who like to know
who played exactly which bits,
and to check out the actual lyrics
...and look at the cool pictures

...all the stuff I wanted to put on the cd,
but couldn't afford

to download the Digital Booklet (pdf)
read this, then click on the
playing card in the spokes

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the crew responsible for all this noise:

Tim Hatfield
set up mikes and
pressed the record button

Charley Drayton
played some
more drums

John Regan
layed some
(that's Pelton for bass)

Chrissy Amphlett
sang with me

Ann Klein
did lap steel, banjo
and a cool solo

Gordon Kennedy
wrote "Nasty Shoe" with me
and played some guitar

Niko Bolas
the record

Gary Sieger
wrote some songs with me
and got me going

Rich Mercurio
played some

Will Lee
layed down
bass tracks

Allen Toussaint
played piano
on MY record!!!
(thanks to Will Lee)

Jack Petruzzelli
threw down some tasty guitar

Peter Frampton
blew a solo
on "Something Wonderful"

Jonathan Dinklage
the strings