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I like to record the basic tracks on two inch analog.
Then I bounce over to the computer for overdubbing and mix to analog 1/2 inch.
Most of the records below were done this way.
Tim Hatfield and Niko Bolas are usually the ones hitting the record button.

Anya Singleton
"The Other Side"

Anya kicks major ass. She may fool you at first into believing that she's soft and sweet, but...This girl can SING!!! A really fun artist in every way. A producer's dream.
These two songs show her soulful side - which I dug about her from word go...I really hope to be a part of her musical journey
for a long, long time.

"Small Disasters"


Zak Alister
"Under The Influence"

One of my favorite records ever to be involved with in any way, let alone as producer. Zak allowed us all into his world for a short time while making this record. He's a natural bluesman, rocker and world musician all in one. This music was made with so many talented New York musicians, it's unbelieveable.
It was a treat to just be in the room on this one...

"Slimy Fishes"

"Down Mississippi"

Jeff Arundel
"Ghost Party"

We had a such blast making this record!!! We began recording it in my little room on 52nd Street, passing through some (now out of business) studios in New York City, and ended up doing much of the work at Cowboy Technical,
with Tim Hatfield engineering.

"Something About Your Thing"

"Legend Of The Lightning"

Michael DuClos

This spoken word with music record features the writings of Mike Duclos. Some of the readers are Deborah Harry, Peter Gallagher, Elizabeth Ashley, Kristin Hersh, Joan Osborne, and Vito Acconci. Also featuring the guitar genius of Robert Quine. This ain't no muzak. A few bottles of wine later...(I dare you to click these mp3's)

"Avenue I"

"Donelson Road"

Keri Noble
"Let Go"

I've done lots of work with Keri. Traveled to Japan with her, played on her first record. And I produced this track for her on "Let Go". I love her vocal on this - kind of a new thing for her.

"Red Wine Until Daylight"

Ari Scott

Ari Scott is the discovery of Chris Cofoni at Angel/Manhattan/Blue Note. I love her songs, her voice, and her energy. We rocked down her songlist as a four piece band at clubs in the city...

"Fortunate One"

"Fill Of Love"

Claudia DiNatale
"TheLittle Things"

She's a Canadian singer-songwriter.
This is her first record, with some really cool songs.
All written and recorded in my little room in the big city.

"The Little Things"


I've been writing and producing records for Lifescapes since the late fifties (not)...Over the years I've sold over 2 million copies of my records (really), ranging from "Cocktail Party"(inspired by Booker T and the Mg's) to "Timeless Romance"(Edith Piaf-flavored).
*click* for a lot more on the subject...-

"Pearl Onions"

"A Face Not Forgotten"

Jeremy Kushnier "In Time"

I produced Jeremy's record with my studio partner Joe Baker. Jeremy is a very versatile singer; not only has he had huge success on Broadway, but shows true rock and roll savvy in his solo artistry. The record features Charley Drayton on bass, Rich Mercurio on drums...

"Angel Light"

Rob Arthur
"Anywhere But Home"

I did produce this one, too. But not without the help of every one of these superbad musicians all over this record. Please check out the credits on the cd page.
Thanks to Charley, Rich, Will, Gary, Tim, Niko, Jack, Ann, Sandrine, Kazee, Gordon, Peter, JR, AT, Chrissy, Stuart, Ouimette and Jonny D.

"Something Wonderful"

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