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Here are some shots from our recent
tour of Japan with Keri Noble.
The trip went off without a hitch (thanks, Billy Mac)
(aside from accidently eating some of the always moving "shaved-fish" pizza - stay away from that one)
We played to enthusiastic, nearly full houses in 4 cities:
Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo
All the people we met were wonderful, the food and drink were yummy, and the toilets...DIVINE!

not in Kansas anymore

Osaka Castle

Jeff tuning

Rich in his element

first gig under our belt - Fukuoka ( with our super-cool liaison, Hiroki)

a shrine near our hotel in Tokyo

myself at the rig

a great way to deal with travel fatigue after soundcheck - LOVED THE SUMO!!!

our talented sound engineer (and super sexy) - Rob Genadek

Japan rocks! - giving the band some credit

we all fell in love with Rutsuko, from Toshiba EMI
she's the reason we were able to go to Japan at all

keri at soundcheck in Fukuoka - day 1

yum, yum!

a bit road-weary, but loving it

boys night out in Tokyo

another cool shot of Osaka Castle