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A big high point of the year was being asked to pass on
a bit of New York music tradition at the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium
in Copenhagen, Denmark.
A bunch of New York and LA musicians did the "American thing" with the incredible Danish students.
This was a week to remember for all of us for so many reasons
I'd say we were all pleasantly surprised at the ability and enthusiasm of the Danish students
and the wonderful staff at RMC
Billy Cross, Flemming Ostermann and Ellis Johansen The guest teachers also got a groove on with each other in a BIG WAY!!!
...y'all rock!!!!
shout out to my homies

click on video to stop and start

all us teachers with the staff on day 1 (badasses?....perhaps)

(back) myself, John Pena, Danny Wilensky, Steve Dubin, Dave Rideau, Alan Pasqua, Billy Ward, David Garfield, Paul Nowinski, Chad Wackerman, Billy Cross, Kim Richey, Paul Brown, Paul Jacobs, Brandon Fields, Steve Hodge
(front) Jack Petruzzelli, Glen Burtnik, Ann Klein, Lenny Castro, Ellis Johansen, Flemming Osterman, Kevin Becka

Kevin Becka, Ann Klein, myself, Billy Ward, Glen Burtnik and Danny Wilensky walk the streets in a daze

the symbol of the school watches over all - inspiring I don't know what

Christiania, a sovereign state of "hygge"

my band on deck backstage before the big show at the end of the week

view out my hotel window

"Marianne and The Porn Star Siblings and the rest of the Suckers"
my band backstage after we KICKED ASS!!!!!!!!
**I love you all...thanks for making my week SO WONDERFUL**